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20 Dec 2023

ILM and the Art of Storytelling

As a kid, did you ever play the "broken telephone" game? The one in which you whisper something to one person who whispers it to the next and so on until a very different story comes back to you? At the Communications for ILM session during our Global Summit, we found the same result, though we're all no longer kids.

30 Jul 2023

Power, politics and participation in multi-stakeholder processes

A tale of two Brazilian states leads us to really useful tips to design meaningful, inclusive platforms for transformation.

17 May 2023

In the news: The Cassava-Boom Undermining a Leading Conservation Program

This article looks at how the boom in cassava growing is negatively impacting a leading conservation project in Cambodia.

17 May 2023

In the news: strengthening of protection of key wetlands in Laos

The article highlights our Laos project, and reports on a recent meeting to strengthen the protection of a key landscape.

19 Apr 2023

A Line in the Sand

Could a long line of grass hedge against erosion? An integrated landscape management project in Zimbabwe is proving that it might.

29 Mar 2023

VCM Reaches Towards $2 Billion in 2021:New Market Analysis Published from Ecosystem Marketplace

According to the latest State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report from Ecosystem Marketplace, the VCM grew in value towards $2 Billion in 2021. This quadrupling in market value from 2020 was driven by an acceleration of nature-based solutions trading volume and higher prices for these and other projects with non-carbon environmental and social benefits, such as clean cookstoves and water purification devices.

09 Aug 2022

A brief explainer of the landscape approach

In this theory circulating scientific circles, what works and why?

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