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27 Dec 2023

End with the begin in mind

One landscape, two jurisdictions and a visionary project that ends at the beginning: the GML project closes with resource-based working groups in Ghana’s Atiwa landscape holding action plans in their hands and empathy in their hearts.

20 Dec 2023

ILM and the Art of Storytelling

As a kid, did you ever play the "broken telephone" game? The one in which you whisper something to one person who whispers it to the next and so on until a very different story comes back to you? At the Communications for ILM session during our Global Summit, we found the same result, though we're all no longer kids.

31 Aug 2023

Net-maps and vision in PNG

Stakeholder identification and development of a common vision: on a learning mission to Papua New Guinea, our Central Component Coordinator highlights two of the six critical dimensions of Integrated Landscape Management.

06 Aug 2023

Key ILM elements at work in our Latin American and Caribbean projects

We keep saying it; they’re showing it.

04 Aug 2023

Taking the bull by the horns

Can Integrated Landscape Management contribute to sustainable cattle ranching? And vice versa?

06 Jun 2023

Trust-building and leadership in multi-stakeholder forums: Lessons from Indonesia

This paper investigates the impact of trust and leadership in multi-stakeholder forums (MSFs) addressing land and resource use in Indonesia. Conflicting interests can hinder trust-building, requiring an understanding of historical relationships to improve collaboration. Different challenges within MSFs call for specific leadership styles, including shared leadership for positive relationships and charismatic leadership for conflicts of interest or lack of trust.

24 Apr 2023

From Ridge to Reef

On the island of Mauritius, home to some of the world's most diverse and ecologically important forests and ecosystems, the Ridge to Reef (R2R) project is restoring and increasing native forest cover. In early 2023, members of our Central Component visited on a learning mission.

31 Mar 2023

Local knowledge and practices among Tonga people in Zambia and Zimbabwe: A review

There is increasing recognition of the role of Indigenous and local knowledge systems in sustainable land use and conservation practices. However, the evidence base remains fragmented, while local knowledge remains marginalised in many national biodiversity strategies and development plans. This applies to the Tonga people of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Here, we synthesise existing evidence of Tonga knowledge and practices to explore their potential contribution to the implementation of integrated landscape approaches that aim to incorporate multiple stakeholders’ objectives in landscape-scale management.

29 Mar 2023

Multistakeholder platforms for natural resource governance: lessons from eight landscape-level cases

Multistakeholder platforms (MSPs) are the subject of increasing attention and investment in the domain of collaborative natural resource governance, yet evidence-based guidance is slim on policy and investment priorities to leverage the MSP approach. We provide a comparative analysis of eight landscape-level MSPs spanning seven countries (Peru, Brazil, India, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and a cross-border case from Kenya and Somalia), representing a diversity of resource systems covering forests, rangelands, and multiuse agricultural landscapes.

27 Feb 2023

Lessons from P4F’s Portfolio

'Landscape Approaches' provides valuable lessons on designing sustainable, integrated, and responsible practices

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