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24 Aug 2023

Participant Information

Landscapes For Our Future - Global Summit & Knowledge Exchange event, Nairobi, Kenya 16th to 20th October 2023

12 Jan 2023

Solutions and opportunities of integrated landscape approaches

Dr Cora van Oosten's keynote presentation at GLF Climate, alongside COP27, provided an insightful overview of the whole spectrum of what is contained within ILM.

16 Dec 2022

A World of Landscapes @ GLF Climate

With most of our programme’s 22 projects well into implementation, it was time to start sharing key insights and lessons. Where better to do so than at GLF Climate alongside COP27?

28 Aug 2022

Old wine in new bottles?

Are Integrated Landscape Approaches just another development fad? Or are they a feasible solution to landscape scale development and climate challenges?

28 Aug 2022

Du vieux vin dans de nouvelles bouteilles ?

Les approches paysagères intégrées ne sont-elles qu'une nouvelle mode en matière de développement ? Ou bien constituent-ils une solution viable au développement à l'échelle du paysage et aux défis climatiques ?

09 Aug 2022

Replacing short-term projects with long-term processes

Lessons learned from CBNRM in Ghana and Zambia

19 Apr 2022

Policy input and engagement: 2021 Highlights

GLF Amazonia featured three Landscapes For Our Future projects and aimed to identify the threats and trade-offs deriving from pressures and interventions in these biomes, as well as potential Integrated Landscape Management solutions. 

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