Landscapes in Practice: Our guides for landscape champions

The Central Component is tasked with synthesizing and disseminating knowledge and lessons from Landscapes For Our Future's 22 projects. Our new series of practitioner guides aims to do just that in order to facilitate implementation of what we propose are the six core dimensions or elements of landscape approaches.

Our learning missions to almost all of the projects, lengthy discussions and communications with project implementors on the ground and – most significantly – our Global Summit and Learning Exchange, where representatives of 18 of the 22 projects met and workshopped and compared notes and shared experiences, have delivered a significant amount of data and insight. Add to that the substantial volume of academic research on landscape approaches by our team, our colleagues at CIFOR-ICRAF and others in the scientific community, and it’s obvious there’s a vast amount of learning to synthesize.

Landscape champions are those everyday heroes applying Integrated Landscape Management in places and spaces around the globe, and the researchers, strategizers, policy makers and funders who advocate for the process.

Our practitioner guides are intended as concise summaries for busy people. We present the state of the knowledge on each subject in a simple, accessible way so that landscape champions can focus on the processes at the heart of Integrated Landscape Management.

In this series:

An ILM Overviewread the summary

Institutionalizationread the summary or download the paper

Adaptive and Collaborative Management – coming soon

Stakeholder identification – coming soon

Multi-Stakeholder Fora – due in 2025

Common Vision – due in 2025