Global Summit and Knowledge Exchange

In October, there was a full week of engagement in Kenya between members of the Landscapes For Our Future (LFF) programme at our global summit. The event explored the rich solutions and innovations on offer across the LFF programme in addressing the global climate and biodiversity crises.

The one-week summit gathered project teams from all regions of our programme to share lessons learned, focusing on key capacity gaps and shining light on innovative solutions found across the programme. The event was attended by global experts on a variety of topics and was filled with engaging and focused capacity development workshops. 


DAY 1: Monday, 16 October 2023Session Plenary Hall
8.30-10.301Opening Session
10.30-11.00Refreshments and group photo 
11.00-12.302Innovations in Integrated Landscapes Management (ILM)  
14.00-15.303Stakeholder engagement and evidence based decision making ‘the SHARED approach’
15.30-17.004Feeling our way into the future: using theories as a way forward
17.00-19.00Welcome cocktail (ICRAF Courtyard) 
DAY 2: Tuesday, 17 October 2023 Session Plenary HallSession Cocoa Room
9.00-10.305Gaming to manage complex landscapes6Implementing in conflict settings 
11.00-12.307Gaming to manage complex landscapes (continued)8Adaptive collaborative management
13.30-14.00Spatial Lab visit 
14.00-15.309Conservation and Development in ILM10Implementing in unscrupulous environments
16.00-17.0011Lab visit: Soils Lab/Seeds and Tree lab 
DAY 3: Wednesday, 18 October 2023Field visit
8.00-17.0012Visit to Kenyan ILM Landscape (Lari Landscape)
DAY 4: Thursday, 19 October 2023 Session Plenary HallSession Cocoa Room
9.00-10.3013Co-designing a landscapes curriculum  14Conservation and Development in ILM
11.00-12.3015The role of power in ILM  16Institutionalizing ILM 
14.00-15.3017Designing for Multi-stakeholder Fora (MSF) 18Cracking the code: Learning together about success factors in ILM initiatives
15.30-17.0019The EC and the future of ILM 
17.15-20.0020Cocktails and gallery night 
DAY 5: Friday 20 October 2023Plenary Hall
9.00-10.3021Moving ILM forward 
11.00-12.0022Closing session

Event hosts

The Landscapes For Our Future Global Summit was hosted by the Central Component of the Landscapes For Our Future programme.

The EU has commissioned the Center for International Forestry Research and World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF) to support the implementation of the 22 projects supported by Landscapes For Our Future. This ‘Central Component’ offers technical guidance to each of these projects, as well as helps to co-create, synthesize and disseminate knowledge and lessons from their implementation. Since reliable evidence on effective ILM practices, strategies and pathways is scarce and fragmented, the Central Component aims to assist policymakers and practitioners alike to develop and scale more impactful and inclusive landscape solutions.

The CC is structured into three core activity areas:

  • Technical support
  • Knowledge generation and communications
  • Exchange and outreach