Global Summit and Knowledge Exchange

Our week-long Global Summit brought project teams from all regions of our programme together, illustrating again how meeting in person makes all the difference when collaboration is key. Hosted by the Central Component at the CIFOR-ICRAF campus in Kenya in late 2023, the event was all about sharing lessons learned, focusing on key capacity gaps and shining light on innovative solutions found across the Landscapes For Our Future programme.

In addition to representatives from 18 of our 22 projects, the event was attended by European Commission donors, EU delegation members, and global experts on a variety of topics. Innovative facilitation techniques ensured the week was interactive and engaging (more so than any event our EC counterparts had ever attended, they tell us 😊).

Key learnings and participant feedback

With integration (the I in ILM, of course) and collaboration at the heart of each item on the agenda, our event report needed to follow suite:

The Central Component and representatives from 18 of the 22 Landscapes For Our Future project gather at the CIFOR-ICRAF campus in Nairobi.