Intensity and embeddedness: Two dimensions of equity approaches in multi-stakeholder forums

This paper introduces a novel approach to studying multi-stakeholder forums (MSFs) in the context of land use and land-use change, focusing on their equity implications. The authors analyse MSFs based on two key characteristics: the extent to which local communities are actively involved (intensity) and the extent to which the forum is integrated into broader societal or governmental processes (embeddedness). By employing these analytical tools, the paper offers nuanced insights into how different MSF approaches function and their impact on equity, going beyond simplistic categorizations and providing a deeper understanding of MSF dynamics.
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Understanding Difference to Build Bridges among Stakeholders

Perceptions of Participation in Four Multi-stakeholder Forums in the Peruvian Amazon

This study analyses the perspectives of participants and organizers in Peruvian Amazon multi-stakeholder forums (MSFs) using Q-methodology. It reveals nuanced perceptions, highlighting optimism, risk awareness, and challenges in addressing inequality. The findings offer insights for constructing more effective and equitable MSFs.

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