A methods toolbox for integrated landscape approaches

This chapter aims to give guidance for those working within integrated landscape approaches. It suggests key points for consideration to allow those involved to have a better understanding of the landscape context and dynamics.

Seeking synergies to improve landscape management in southern Zambia

Short blog by our CIFOR colleagues on COLANDS and a 9 step approach for Theory of Change and common visioning - in Zambia.

A Knowledge Review on Integrated Landscape Approaches

Holistic and multi-transdisciplinary approaches, where multiple goals are achieved in order to improve resilience in societies and ecosystems in the short, medium, and long term, are ideal, even utopian. Hence, science has come together with practical experiences that highlight the importance of working at a ‘landscape’ level.
Published in MDPI

Using Scenario Building and Participatory Mapping to Negotiate Conservation-Development Trade-Offs in Northern Ghana

In multifunctional landscapes, expanding economic activities jeopardise the integrity of biodiverse ecosystems, generating conservation-development trade-offs that require multi-stakeholder dialogue and tools to negotiate conflicting objectives. Despite the rich literature on participatory mapping and other tools to reveal different stakeholder perspectives, there is limited evidence on the application of such tools in landscape-scale negotiations.
Published in MDPI